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Never should of left, but should I go back

I sit here now and wonder to my self. Should I of stayed there in Mercer or should I of come back. I really do not know. I had the best time of my life out there, but I missed my mate and my puppy. Oh yeah she is also close to giving birth to here puppies YAY. But sad to say after I have gotten back the only thing my mate has done is given me guilt. Like we talked about a lot of things and I wanted to go back to Mercer to think on them. You know just get away for a little longer and work some of them out in my mind. Well that went all to hell he said the only way that is going to happen is if he could o along. No way in heaven was that going to work theres just not enough room in missa and joes trailer. But I gave in called Missa and she said ok. So we packed up to get ready to head out when Dans shit came up missing the money for gas his smokes and something else I will not say on here because it is not my place to do so.

So because of that happening nether of us could go. Now my friend is making me feel like shit for coming back and I do not know what to do. I want to go back but I do not want my mate hurting or crying because I did so. But for the last 2 days Dan has been throwing it in my face that I should of never left to come back here. But I did not have much there to wear and I needed to pick up more clothing and check on my dog.

So I ask should I stay here and not work out what I need to work out. Or should I go back and worry about my dog and my mate, and worry about having a place to come back to. Can someone please tell me what it is I need to do. I Just to not know any more.

Kogie the wolf pup sighing out.
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