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First post

Howdy y'all. Names Tanner.
Guess I'll tell a bit about myself.
Grew up in Alaska, where I learned to ride horses, shoot, track, and do lots of woodsy stuff. Lol.
Now I'm down here in Florida, and it's alright I suppose. Makes me miss Alaska though. Been here few years, I think goin' on eight now.
So yeah. This group looks pretty cool, so I thought I'd check it out. Nice to see that two things I like come together. Cowboys/country, and furs.
Speaking of which, anyone read Coyote River? I just ordered it, looks good.

Well, hope to make some friends here, so nice to meet y'all :)
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Hey Tanner, welcome!

I've read the 3 Coyote River's, didn't blow me away but there's a sincere attempt at a deeper story than most furry mags and the characters are drawn pretty well. Are you just ordering the first? It struck me as the best of the three.

Anyway enjoy, I'm Toni from the center of New Zealand, good to meet you too.
Welcome to the group! Coyote River is a nice comic that I enjoy reading very much!