Bucky Silvermane (ninjahorse) wrote in cowboyfurs,
Bucky Silvermane

Big Move to the City

Hey, I haven't been on live journal for ages, but I thought this group is probably the best place to talk to people who understand ;=0 )

I got into De Montfort University (Leicester, UK) which is really, completely cool, but it meant moving to a big city center, and it's kinda weird after growing up in the countryside/coast my entire life. Fair enough it has it's good things, like only being a 2 minute walk from everything and being able to play US football for my university (regular football for y'all in the states lol).

But then at the same time I miss a lot of stuff, like horse riding, the beach, the quietness, the openness, my animals. And when I go home for the holidays I can now appreciate how fresh the air is, and it sounds weird but the smell of manure is actually kind of comforting *blushes*. It's nice being able to drive again too. The problem here is that wherever you look everything is artificial, even trees in the city are all perfect and almost look fake.
I joined the gym here for football but my fitness has still gone down I reckon, just a combination of the air and not having as many physical things to do (other than football).

But yeah hope I'm not spamming up the boards and I just wandered if anyone else has had to do the same thing, and what their experiences of moving to a city was like. I think it makes an interesting conversation in a group like this :=0 ) Typical country boy moving to a big city scenario lol. (man am I pleased I got a spell checker on firefox)

Bucky ;=0 )
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