amesherla (amesherla) wrote in cowboyfurs,


I am reopening commissions for anyone interested :S 

I'm tryin' to save up money for possibly a new digital camera, and so I thought commissions would be a great way to go. I would like to have this camera before spring break :S

What I'll offer:

*Feather Paintings (Extra cost for beaded work, braided work, combo of the two, or more feathers, or combo of the three)
*Inked drawings
*Colored Pencil pieces
*Full Color pieces: Watercolor + Colored Pencil
*Con Badges (Fully colored, 3X5 Cardstock, hard lamination + clip)
*Graphical Chat Poses
*Graphical Chat Sets
*Character sheets (Digital)
*Small Digital Paintings
*LJ Avatar Sets
*Other, please contact if interested, or have suggestions

Prices have not been set, as I will work with any customer on a price that will suit what they'd like, on what media, and how detailed it is.

If you are interested, leave me a comment here, catch me on MSN (, or send me an e-mail at the same address.
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