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somthing i have noticed

there is somthign i have noticed theres this new little thing going around where you make a list of some sort liek ten things then you tage 3 people to answer them and then they do the same thing as well and pick another three and its to make a chain reactting. now i am not looking down on this hell i liek to shot at answering some of those questions my self. but as i sat here and read these posts and looked at who was picked my name was never said unless i was one of the one to be doign the harm and i noticed this in a lot of my so called friends posts and this hurts alot. i will not mention there names because i do nto want to start trouble for them its just not right. yes i knwo i can be mean and crule and down right hurtfull at times. but more so then anything i sit and listen to them talk about there troubles and give helpfull advise and this is how they thank me by saying i am some of the trouble that they are having. it really makes me have to go back and look at things and judge my friends to see which are truly my friends. so in short to those that think i am the blam for there hurt please remove me from your friends list here and anywhere else i want nothing farther to do with you after i helped yall so much

kogie the hurt wolf pup sighing out
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