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Making a Decision about rifles...

So, a couple of years ago when I was in the air cadets I used to shoot for my squadron. We fired a 22 Winchester bolt action rifle and an SA80 assault rifle, and I got my RAF Marksman qualification.

Thing is I quit the cadets and I didn't wanna carry on shooting because everyone who lives where do who shoots also hunts, and I can't stand hunting, especially being a herbivore 'n all.

But now I've kind of decided 'what the hell' and decided to start target shooting again anyway. My license application is on it's way but I still need something to shoot, preferably a rifle.

I've been looking around and I can get some pretty good second hand rifles (clean, in good condition, all parts present and working etc)for around £50 ($100 I think).

I'm thinking about a BSA Sportsman 5 (bolt action), as it seems similar to the cadet 22 which I'm familiar with, isn't too big, and seems like it would make a good starter rifle. There are some others in the same price range calibre which look pretty good.

I just wandered if any cowboys/girls here had suggestions on what would suit my needs. Remember it's just target shooting, it wont see any hunting action.

If I can root them out I will probably post this in the gun-furries group too.

Bucky ;=0 )
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