Overbear (overbear) wrote in cowboyfurs,

The redneck bear :)


First off glad to have found this group. Nice to know I aint the only fur that is more rural than urban in thinking.

I grew up spending summers on a working cattle ranch, learned to ride horses, care for them, what have you. Thou I live in the city now adays and aint been rideing for *thinks* gods..10 years now, being a cowboy is in my heart (so is being a redneck but *shrugs* thats life). I am currently mated to a wonderful guy (stormbadger). Alot of people call us the country mouse and city mouse because our views are so different but, hey thats what makes life work

Anywho, glad to see the group, im here :) oh and a quick plug, you all might check out the "gun_furry" group, set up for the folks in the fandom that are into shooting.
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